Elections results

2022 Watford Borough Ward election

The results of the Watford Borough Ward Elections held on Thursday 5 May 2022.


Candidate Party Votes received
Butler, Terry Labour Party 729
Geary, Matthew Daniel Conservatives 209
Stotesbury, Ian Alexander Eric Liberal Democrat 1,082 ELECTED

Turnout: 34.96%



Candidate Party Votes received
Dattani, Hrithik Conservatives 233
Dychton, Aga Liberal Democrat 1,151 ELECTED
Hakim, Mohammed Wadud Labour Party 553
Wharton, Dennis Alfred Independent 142

Turnout: 30.72%



Candidate Party Votes received
Hill, Penelope Liberal Democrat 360
O'Connor, Mark Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 49
Pant, Sanjaya Conservatives 426
Turmaine, Matt Labour and Co-Operative Party 949 ELECTED

Turnout: 27.35%



Candidate Party Votes received
Ahmed, Shafiq Liberal Democrat 952 ELECTED
Foster, Derek Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition 54
Raperport, Jennie Conservatives 355
Williams, Seamus Labour 790

Turnout: 37.90%



Candidate Party Votes received
Elangovan, Prashanth Conservatives 327
Farrington, Helena Labour 361
Pattinson, Jennifer Liberal Democrat 800 ELECTED

Turnout: 26.31%



Candidate Party Votes received
Kura, Ravi Conservatives 629
Osborn, Tom Liberal Democrat 1,555 ELECTED
Tunnah, Edward John Labour 424

Turnout: 39.08%



Candidate Party Votes received
Hickey, William Conservatives 360
Rodrigues, Kennedy Liberal Democrat 1,382 ELECTED
Sleeman, Sue Labour 322
Webber, Neal Reform UK 37

Turnout: 38.92%



Candidate Party Votes received
Butler, Sue Labour 457
Kloss, Peter John Christopher Liberal Democrat 1,616 ELECTED
Topping, Linda Conservatives 573

Turnout: 41.65%



Candidate Party Votes received
Muspratt, Betty Labour 349
Nembhard, Lenny Liberal Democrat 909 ELECTED
Williams, Peter Conservatives 530

Turnout: 31.90%



Candidate Party Votes received
Bishop, Carly Conservatives 442
Ivory, Diana Mary Labour 467
Johnson, Stephen Edward Liberal Democrat 917 ELECTED

Turnout: 35.38%



Candidate Party Votes received
Chirila Filip, Octavian Conservatives 186
Shah, Nasreen Labour 837 ELECTED
Thurlow, Dan Liberal Democrat 637

Turnout: 28.86%



Candidate Party Votes received
Bush, Malcolm Labour 386
Cawthorne, Matthew Conservatives 372
Saffery, Glen Bryce Liberal Democrat 802 ELECTED

Turnout: 27.30%

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