Elections results

2018 Watford Borough Ward election

he results of the Watford Borough Ward Elections held on Thursday 3 May 2018.


Candidate Party Votes received
Ahsan Khan Labour Party 832
Anthony James Parker Conservative Party  276
Ian Alexander Eric Stotesbury  Liberal Democrat 1,044 ELECTED
Alison Jane Wiesner  Green Party  137

Turnout: 40.45%



Candidate Party Votes received
Aga Dychton Liberal Democrat 970 ELECTED
Ani Elizabeth Meehan  Labour Party 912
David James Underdown  Green Party  141
Dennis Alfred Wharton  Conservative Party  300

Turnout: 37.24%



Candidate Party Votes received
Yasmin Isabella Goldsmith Conservative Party  299
Syed Sheraz Kazmi Liberal Democrat 436
Matt Turmaine Labour Party 1,402 ELECTED 

Turnout: 33.38%



Candidate Party Votes received
David Charles Ealey  Conservative Party 375
Joe Inniss Liberal Democrat 719
Bilqees Mauthoor Labour Party 1,121 ELECTED

Turnout: 39.01%



Candidate Party Votes received
Antony James Barton  Liberal Democrat 779 ELECTED
John Dowdle Labour & Co-operative Party 560
Linda Topping Conservative Party 449

Turnout: 31.35%



Candidate Party Votes received
Jane Alexandra Johnson  Liberal Democrat 1,505 ELECTED
Binita Mehta-Parmar Conservative Party 725
David Penn UK Independence Party (UKIP) 79
Edward John Tunnah  Labour Party 509

Turnout: 43.08%



Candidate Party Votes received
Joseph Roy Gornicki Conservative Party 570
Maggie Parker Liberal Democrat 1,432 ELECTED
Sue Sleeman Labour Party 432

Turnout: 46.00%



Candidate Party Votes received
Nabila Ahmed Labour Party 541
Peter John Widdrington Blogg UK Independence Party (UKIP) 49
David John Fallon  Conservative Party  889
Peter John Christopher Kloss  Liberal Democrat 1,588 ELECTED

Turnout: 48.63%



Candidate Party Votes received
Lola Adedoyin Conservative Party  385
Keith Murray Crout Liberal Democrat 1,242 ELECTED
Asma Saeed Suleman  Labour Party 350

Turnout: 35.24%



Candidate Party Votes received
Darren Ian Harrison  Conservative Party  564
Diana Mary Ivory Labour Party 615
Stephen Edward Johnson  Liberal Democrat 951 ELECTED

Turnout: 40.44%



Candidate Party Votes received
Tahair Azam Liberal Democrat 505
Nasreen Shah Labour Party 1,488 ELECTED  
Michelle Louise Sherman Conservative Party 402

Turnout: 43.08%



Candidate Party Votes received
Ian Frederick James Green UK Independence Party (UKIP)  97
Sarah Louise Hayes Conservative Party 503
Glen Bryce Saffery Liberal Democrat 826 ELECTED
Seamus Williams Labour Party 482

Turnout: 33.51%

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