Elections results

2015 Watford Borough Ward election

The results of the Watford Borough Ward Elections held on Thursday 7 May 2015.


Candidate Party Votes received
Ewudo, Favour Labour Party 1,061 ELECTED
Goddard, Jon UK Independence Party (UKIP) 410
Kent, Paddy Liberal Democrat 540
Laird, Robbie Liberal Democrat 580
Murray, Su Green Party first choice candidate 477
Nixon, Dorothy Green Party 384
Norwood, Joanne Louise Conservative Party 749
Penn, David UK Independence Party (UKIP) 274
Punter, Neil John Conservative Party 571
Short, Richard   95
Williams, Seamus Labour Party 1,041 ELECTED


Candidate Party Votes received
Blake, Collette Liberal Democrat 1,036
Grewcock, Jeni Green Party 253
Haley, Michael Douglas Labour Party 1,248 ELECTED
O'Connor, Mark Stephen Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 32
Patel, Amrish The Conservative Party Candidate 806
Price, Renie Susan UK Independence Party (UKIP) 355


Candidate Party Votes received
Attepuram, Sajith Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 26
Bell, Nigel Labour Party 1,974 ELECTED
Grant, Rhiannon Emma Louise Green Party 144
Jeffree, Simonie Rose Liberal Democrat 407
Mortimer, Penelope Anne The Conservative Party Candidate 641
Smith, Gavin Stephen UK Independence Party (UKIP) 336


Candidate Party Votes received
Amin, Bobby Liberal Democrat 648
Balasingam, Thineshkumar Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 33
Cox, Phil UK Independence Party (UKIP) 470
Emery, Neal Green Party 184
Khan, Asif Labour Party 1,297 ELECTED
O'Brien, Steve The Conservative Party Candidate 1,026


Candidate Party Votes received
Foster, Derek Roy Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 18
Grimston, Amanda Liberal Democrat 906
Lester, Clair Louise Green Party 120
Lincoln, Nick UK Independence Party (UKIP) 624
Rodriguez, Min Labour Party 908
Whitman, Mark Edward The Conservative Party Candidate 1,029 ELECTED


Candidate Party Votes received
Aron, Jeanette Georgina Liberal Democrat 1,568
Ivins, Sally Rose Green Party 241
Kerry, Daniel James Labour Party 648
Penn, Caroline Jane UK Independence Party (UKIP) 307
Topping, Linda The Conservative Party Candidate 1,701 ELECTED


Candidate Party Votes received
Belsham-Wray, Sharon Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 50
Bhudia, Dina The Conservative Party Candidate 964
Counter, Shirena Liberal Democrat 1,945 ELECTED
Sleeman, Sue Labour Party 581
Tunstall, Angela Green Party 249


Candidate Party Votes received
Blogg, Peter John Widdrington UK Independence Party (UKIP) 309
Dhindsa, Manjivan Singh Labour Party 627
Moore, Rosemarie Dharshini The Conservative Party Candidate 1,620
Rindl, Anne Liberal Democrat 1,677 ELECTED
Wallace, Bob Green Party 207


Candidate Party Votes received
Cox, Andrew UK Independence Party (UKIP) 102
Hawes, Christopher James The Conservative Party Candidate 1,008
McShane, John Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 30
Palmer, Steven Labour Party 669
Scudder, Derek Thomas Francis Liberal Democrat 1,317 ELECTED
Sweeney, Sean Green Party 429


Candidate Party Votes received
Channing, Dan UK Independence Party (UKIP) 419
Fahmy, Joe Liberal Democrat 842
Ivory, Diana Mary Labour Party 625
Silver, Sean Keith The Conservative Party Candidate 1,236 ELECTED
Simpson, Anne Green Party 161


Candidate Party Votes received
Dychton, Agnieszka Liberal Democrat 522
Jones, Clive Jonathan William Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 42
Noble, Alistair Colin Green Party 237
Norwood, Amanda The Conservative Party Candidate 657
Shah, Nasreen Labour Party 1,827 ELECTED
Shippey, Pat UK Independence Party (UKIP) 259


Candidate Party Votes received
Green, Ian UK Independence Party (UKIP) 592
Ismail, Omar Labour Party 659
Rogers, Tony The Conservative Party Candidate 1,125 ELECTED
Saffery, Glen Bryce Liberal Democrat 853
Wiesner, Alison Jane Green Party 119
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