Elections results

2016 Watford Borough Ward election

The results of the Watford Borough Ward Elections held on Thursday 5 May 2016.


Candidate Party Votes received
Arnett, Paul Andrew Stanhope Liberal Democrat 655
Bashir, Sohail Labour Party 691 - ELECTED
Carvell, Alistair Thomas Green Party 276
Ewudo, Favour Labour Party 627
Goddard, Jon UKIP 197
Goldsmith, Yasmin Isabella Conservative Party 174
Khan, Ahsan Labour Party 659 - ELECTED
Laird, Robbie Liberal Democrat 676 - ELECTED
Lester, Clair Louise Green Party 217
Mortimer, Timothy Conservative Party 221
Rach, Larry Conservative Party 138
Stotesbury, Ian Alexander Eric Liberal Democrat 581
Sweeney, Sean James Green Party 254


Candidate Party Votes received
Bolton, Stephen Liberal Democrat 856 - ELECTED
Butler, Terry Labour Party 688 
Dychton, Aga Liberal Democrat 759 - ELECTED
Emery, Lisa Green Party 142
Emery, Neal Green Party 97
Flynn, Sarah Labour Party 682
Haley, Mike Labour Party 676
Martins, Rabi Liberal Democrat 850 - ELECTED
Murray, Su Green Party 148
Price, Renie Susan UKIP 151
Sackett, Basil Conservative Party 189
Sackett, Mary Conservative Party 203
Silverman, Barry Conservative Party 214


Candidate Party Votes received
Bell, Nigel Labour Party 1,200 - ELECTED
Bhatt, Prasi Conservative Party 144
Connal, Jackie Labour Party 924 - ELECTED
Grant, Jim Green Party 108
Grant, Rhiannon Emma Louise Green Party 133
Jeffree, Simonie Rose Liberal Democrat 210
Jones, Clive Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 39
Kershaw, Frances Liberal Democrat 184
Khawaja, Camilla Zaman Conservative Party 134
Mahmood, Qaiser Liberal Democrat 172
Mortimer, Penelope Anne Conservative Party 208
Simpson, Anne Green Party 72
Smith, Gavin Stephen UKIP 199
Turmaine, Matt Labour Party 917 - ELECTED


Candidate Party Votes received
Ashley, Stephanie Green Party 296
Balasingam, Thineshkumar Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 91
Gay, Elliot Gordon Conservative Party 346
Joynes, Anne Labour Party 907 - ELECTED
Khan, Asif Labour Party 844 - ELECTED
Mauthoor, Bilqees Labour Party 736- ELECTED
Minhas, Jamil Liberal Democrat 319
Punter, Neil Conservative Party 391
Punter, Sally Conservative Party 395
Walford, Yasmine Rihanna Liberal Democrat 313
Watkin, Elizabeth Liberal Democrat 340


Candidate Party Votes received
Challis, Maureen Linda Green Party 157
Cox, Phil Conservative Party 287
Foster, Derek Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 63
Gomm, Ray Conservative Party 283
Grimston, Amanda Liberal Democrat 909 - ELECTED
Hastrick, Kareen Mary Liberal Democrat 918 - ELECTED
Ismail, Omar Labour Party 400
Kent, Paddy Liberal Democrat 848 - ELECTED
Lincoln, Nick UKIP 336
Murphy, Ian Labour Party 402
Whitman, Mark Edward Conservative Party 301
Williams, Seamus Labour Party 394


Candidate Party Votes received
Barnes, Michael Harry Labour Party 321
Hofman, Mark John Liberal Democrat 1,263 - ELECTED
Ivins, Sally Rose Green Party 205
Jenkins, James Alexander Green Party 80
Johnson, Jane Alexandra Liberal Democrat 1,207 - ELECTED
Kerry, Daniel Labour Party 271
Mortimer, Andrew Conservative Party 1,014
Nixon, Dorothy Mary Green Party 121
Patel, Amarish Conservative Party 667
Penn, David UKIP 200
Topping, Linda Conservative Party 890
Tunnah, Edward John Labour Party 249
Watkin, Mark Adrian Liberal Democrat 1,398 - ELECTED


Candidate Party Votes received
Bhudia, Dina Conservative Party 275
Chart, Haydon Conservative Party 308
Hale, Matthew Thomas Green Party 231
Maestas, Joanna Emily Liberal Democrat 1,247 - ELECTED
Marchant, Deborah Elizabeth Labour Party 338
Martin, Gail Conservative Party 230
O'Connor, Mark Stephen Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 69
Sharpe, Iain Scott Liberal Democrat 1,307 - ELECTED
Sleeman, Sue Labour Party 312
Taylor, Peter Colin Liberal Democrat 1,256 - ELECTED
Vincent, Stephen Joseph Labour Party 243


Candidate Party Votes received
Barks, David John Liberal Democrat 1,185 - ELECTED
Billington, Susan Elaine Labour Party 379
Blogg, Peter John Widdrington UKIP 209
Connal, David Corbet Labour Party 342
Edwards, Elaine Green Party 143
Grant, Stephanie Ann Green Party 127
McQuire, Zoë Conservative Party 876
Mehta, Binita Conservative Party 1,114
Moore, Rosemarie Conservative Party 821
Pashby, Tom Green Party 147
Rindl, Anne Liberal Democrat 1,488 - ELECTED
Sesay, Junior Labour Party 292
Steele, Nikki Liberal Democrat 1,193 - ELECTED


Candidate Party Votes received
Atasoy, Nevin Labour Party 328
Crout, Keith Murray Liberal Democrat 1,030 - ELECTED
Fleming, Holly Green Party 166
Hawes, Chris Conservative Party 447
Hayes, Sarah Conservative Party 430
McShane, John Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 69
Scudder, Derek Thomas Francis Liberal Democrat 1,139 - ELECTED
Tyrwhitt, Mavis Beulah Labour Party 306
Tyrwhitt, Norman Hugh Labour Party 288
Wharton, Dennis Conservative Party 362
Williams, Tim Liberal Democrat 1,060 - ELECTED


Candidate Party Votes received
Calnan, Denis Labour Party 392
Fahmy, Joe Liberal Democrat 804 - ELECTED
Ivory, Diana Mary Labour Party 430
Johnson, Stephen Edward Liberal Democrat 790 - ELECTED
Jones, Mike Labour Party 372
Keene, Adam Conservative Party 514
Murray, Kiernon Green Party 150
Silver, Sean Conservative Party 495
Stacey, Pam Conservative Party 393
Walford, Darren Liberal Democrat 1,067 - ELECTED


Candidate Party Votes received
Degan, David Green Party 191
Dhindsa, Jagtar Singh Labour Party 1,112 - ELECTED
Gay, Kelly Conservative Party 252
Hamid, Imran Liberal Democrat 216
Jeffree, Peter Lewis Liberal Democrat 240
Long, Matthew Green Party 123
Mills, Mo Labour Party 1,124 - ELECTED
Munir, Maria Liberal Democrat 279
O'Brien, Andrew Conservative Party 188
Pitkin, Clair Victoria Green Party 114
Shah, Nasreen Labour Party 1,025 - ELECTED
Sherman, Michelle Louise Conservative Party 183
Shippey, Pat UKIP 189


Candidate Party Votes received
Cavinder, Stephen Liberal Democrat 801 - ELECTED
Collett, Karen Ann Liberal Democrat 941 - ELECTED
Dhindsa, Manjivan Singh Labour Party 282
Green, Ian Frederick James UKIP 301
Grillo, Tony Conservative Party 426
O'Brien, Andy Labour Party 308
Rogers, Tony Conservative Party 487
Saffery, Glen Bryce Liberal Democrat 727 - ELECTED
Smith, Richard Nathan Labour Party 317
Wiesner, Alison Jane Green Party 136
Willems, Estella Conservative Party 339
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