Community Grants

Unlocking community potential with Watford's grant programme

There are many exciting opportunities for our vibrant community through the council's Community Grants Programme, which has an overall value over £400,000. This initiative aims to empower local organisations and individuals who are making a positive difference in our town.

The grants programme provides a streamlined annual process with continuous funding opportunities and clear eligibility criteria. It includes a published timeline, workshops, and a user-friendly submission platform, ensuring transparency and accessibility. Applicants also have a designated point of contact within the council for personalised assistance.

Mayor's Small Grant Fund

(February to March)

Is your community planning a one-off event, considering the purhcase of equipment or perphaps an eco-friendly initiative? The Mayor's Small Grant Fund, with a maximum of £3,000 per application cycle, is here to support you.

Applications should align with Council Plan themes.

More information about this grant and instructions on how to apply can be found within our Mayor's Small Grants page.

Neighbourhood Grant

(June to September)

Addressing the impact of development on local areas, the Neighbourhood Grant provides funding up from a large funding pot for activities or programs adhering to Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) regulations.

The year, a budget of £300,000 has been allocated.

More information about this grant and instructions on how to apply can be found within our Neighbourhood Grants page.

Applications now closed

Watford Community Fund

(October to February)

This fund directly raises money for town charities and awards grants to frontline organisations, making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

The funds focus is flexible, with the current emphasis on alleviating the cost-of-living crisis and community events.

Grants range from £1,000 to £2,000.

More information about this grant and instructions on how to apply can be found within our Watford Community Fund page.

Watford Community Lottery

(Open all year round)

The lottery has raised tens of thousands for local good causes.

With a unique approach, 60p from every £1 ticket goes to local initiatives, and lottery players have a say in where their contributions goes - supporting a specific cause or contributing to a general fund.

You can read more information, and how it all works on the Watford Community Lottery website.

Neighbourhood Locality Funds

(Open all year)

The council's 12 Neighbourhood Localitly Funds, each with £3,000 annually are dedicated to supporting local voluntary and community groups.

These funds empower concillors to make a difference in their wards.

Find out more about the 12 Neighbourhood Locality Funds on Watford's website.

Fund for sports clubs (Sports Bursary)

(Open all year round)

As part of our initiative to support the development of local Watford sports clubs, we are offering club volunteers the opportunity to apply for a grant to support the development of essential qualifications to maintain minimum standards as a coach / club. The aim is to increase the number of good quality coaches, officials and volunteers working within clubs to enhance and improve their performance.

Bursaries can be between £25 to £200, or 50% of the course fee, (whichever is lowest). More information about this bursary and instructions on how to apply can be found within our sports bursary page.

Other funding opportunities

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