Elections results

2023 Watford Borough Ward election

The results of the Watford Borough Ward Elections held on Thursday 4 May 2023:


Candidate Party Votes received
Allen-Williamson, Dawn Alena Liberal Democrat 899 - ELECTED
Sachdeva, Navdeep Conservatives 227
Suleman, Asma Saeed Labour Party 760

Turnout: 31.96%



Candidate Party Votes received
Ealey, David Charles Reform UK 104
Ghuman, Sahil Conservatives 177
Hakim, Mohammed Wadud-Ur-Rahman Labour Party 585
Martins, Rabindranath Filomeno Liberal Democrat 1,002 - ELECTED

Turnout: 26.62%



Candidate Party Votes received
Dututa, Gabriel Liberal Democrat 335
Ezeifedi, Ifeyinwa Favour Labour 960 - ELECTED
O'Connor, Mark Stephen Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 58
Pant, Sanjaya Conservatives 323

Turnout: 24.36%



Candidate Party Votes received
Fanning, James Laurence Conservatives 297
Foster, Derek Roy Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition  24
Khan, Asif Kaleem Labour and Co-operative Party 882 - ELECTED
Knott, Sarah Jane Heritage Party - Freedom. Family. Nation 66
Minhas, Jamil Liberal Democrat 665

Turnout: 33.51%



Candidate Party Votes received
Farrington, Helena Mary Labour 327
Grimston, Amanda Liberal Democrat 628 - ELECTED
Raperport, Jennifer May Conservatives 307

Turnout: 22.22%



Candidate Party Votes received
Hofman, Mark John Liberal Democrat 1,280 - ELECTED
Kura, Ravi Conservatives 485
Ling, Gary James Reform UK 125
Tunnah, Edward John Labour 336

Turnout: 32.83%



Candidate Party Votes received
Hickey, William Jonathan Conservatives 339
Newstead, Christopher Liberal Democrat 1,275 - ELECTED
Sleeman, Susan Janet Labour 241
Webber, Neal Reform UK 43

Turnout: 34.39%



Candidate Party Votes received
Dowdle, John Leroy Reform UK 111
Griffiths, Laura Jayne Labour 375
Hill, Penelope Margaret  Liberal Democrat 1,441 - ELECTED
Mukherjee, Arijit Conservatives 458

Turnout: 37.21%



Candidate Party Votes received
Butler, Terence Arthur Labour 276
Hall, Michael Ernest Reform UK 64
Williams, Peter Douglas Conservatives 283
Williams, Timothy James Liberal Democrat 928 - ELECTED
Willis, James Christian Armstrong Green Party 52

Turnout: 28.41%



Candidate Party Votes received
Bishop, Carly Lorraine Conservatives 436
Bush, Malcolm Labour 342
Saunders, Charlott Edna May Liberal Democrat 852 - ELECTED

Turnout: 30.94%



Candidate Party Votes received
Amin, Amjid Liberal Democrat 575
Chirila Filip, Octavian Gabriel Conservatives 205
Dhindsa, Jagtar Singh Labour 1,151 - ELECTED

Turnout: 32.86%



Candidate Party Votes received
Cawthorne, Matthew William Southworth Conservatives 268
Joynes, Anne Labour 460
Wenham, Richard Victor Liberal Democrat 731 - ELECTED

Turnout: 25.75%

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