Elections results

2012 Watford Borough Ward election

The results of the Watford Borough Ward Elections held on Thursday 7 May 2015.


Candidate Party Votes received

Awasthi, Guru

The Labour Party Candidate 415
Brandon, Ian Green Party 793 ELECTED
Gollop, Patricia Liberal Democrats 121
Punter, Sally Anne The Conservative Party 147

Turn-out: 26.5%


Candidate Party Votes received
Bamford, Carole Ann The Conservative Party 186
Grindrod, Fred The Labour Party Candidate 532
Martins, Rabi Liberal Democrats 816 ELECTED
Murray, Susan Frances Green Party 106
Price, Renie Susan UK Independence Party 76

Turn-out: 27.15%


Candidate Party Votes received
Filer, Nigel Anthony Green Party 127
Punter, Neil John The Conservative Party 165
Turmaine, Matt The Labour Party Candidate 1016 ELECTED
Umar, Mohammed Liberal Democrats 306

Turn-out: 26.15%


Candidate Party Votes received
Fahmy, Youseffe The Conservative Party 179
Joynes, Anne The Labour Party Candidate 784 ELECTED
Wharton, Dennis Liberal Democrats 536
Wiesner, Alison Jane Green Party 239

Turn-out: 31.76%


Candidate Party Votes received
Brodhurst, Paula Green Party 75
Brown, Jan Liberal Democrats 690 ELECTED
Lincoln, Nicholas Richard UK Independence Party 198
Mortimer, Penelope Anne The Conservative Party 196
Williams, Seamus The Labour Party Candidate 445

Turn-out: 27.51%


Candidate Party Votes received
Barnes, Michael Harry The Labour Party Candidate 217
Hofman, Mark John Liberal Democrats 983 ELECTED
Ivins, Sally Rose Green Party 168
Mortimer, Andrew Graham The Conservative Party 931

Turn-out: 37.74%


Candidate Party Votes received
Bamford, Dick The Conservative Party 301
Sleeman, Sue The Labour Party Candidate 244
Taylor, Peter Liberal Democrats 1,058 ELECTED
Weatherly, Eric Green Party 72

Turn-out: 32.01%


Candidate Party Votes received
Connal, David Corbet The Labour Party Candidate 234
Derbyshire, George Liberal Democrats 1,168 ELECTED
Nixon, Dorothy Mary Green Party 99
Penn, David UK Independence Party 84
Topping, Linda Ann The Conservative Party 863

Turn-out: 40.47%


Candidate Party Votes received
Hawes, Chris The Conservative Party 259
Nicholas, Mark John The Labour Party Candidate 289
Ryan, George Mathew Green Party 78
Williams, Tim Liberal Democrats 885 ELECTED

Turn-out: 28:03%


Candidate Party Votes received
Pearce, Geoffrey The Labour Party Candidate 326
Pitkin, Clare Victoria Green Party 101
Southern, Richard Lloyd Vaughan The Conservative Party 323
Walford, Darren Liberal Democrats 709 ELECTED

Turn-out: 30.71%


Candidate Party Votes received
Ealey, Dave The Conservative Party 171
Mills, Mo The Labour Party Candidate 1,044 ELECTED
Nawabi, Mehran Liberal Democrats 438
Wynne, Helen Elizabeth Green Party 105

Turn-out: 29.95%


Candidate Party Votes received
Brown, Ian Gordon Liberal Democrats 668 ELECTED
Ismail, Omar The Labour Party Candidate 253
Murphy, Christina Patricia Green Party 110
Rogers, Tony The Conservative Party 466

Turn-out: 27.8%

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