Elections results

2019 Watford Borough Ward election

The results of the Watford Borough Ward Elections held on Thursday 2 May 2019.


Candidate Party Votes received
Dawn Allen-Williamson Liberal Democrat 1068 ELECTED
Mary Catherine Sackett  Conservative Party  181
Asma Saeed Suleman Labour Party 750

Turnout: 35.90%



Candidate Party Votes received
Emma Brown Kosmin Labour Party 794
Rabi Martins Liberal Democrat 1158 ELECTED
Dennis Alfred Wharton Conservative Party  194

Turnout: 34.23%



Candidate Party Votes received
Favour Ezeifedi Labour Party  969 ELECTED
Simonie Rose Jeffree  Liberal Democrat 471
Jussie Kaur Conservative Party  192

Turnout: 25.59%



Candidate Party Votes received
Asif Kaleem Khan Labour Party 856 ELECTED
Jamil Minhas Liberal Democrat 614
Anthony James Parker  Conservative Party  495

Turnout: 34.60%



Candidate Party Votes received
Carla Curtis-Tansley Labour Party 385
John Leroy Dowdle Labour Party 374
Amanda Grimston Liberal Democrat 960 ELECTED
Binita Mehta Conservative Party 219
Jennifer Pattinson Liberal Democrat 871 ELECTED
Peter Enakhe Okojie Conservative Party 198

Turnout: 28.40%



Candidate Party Votes received
Mark John Hofman Liberal Democrat 1611 ELECTED
Linda Ann Topping Conservative Party 552
Edward John Tunnah Labour Party 335

Turnout: 38.17%



Candidate Party Votes received
Joseph Roy Gornicki  Conservative Party  278
Imran Hamid Liberal Democrat 1313 ELECTED
Sue Sleeman Labour Party 327

Turnout: 37.04%



Candidate Party Votes received
Peter John Widdrington Blogg  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  122
David Fallon Conservative Party  513
Jessica Stiff Liberal Democrat 1587 ELECTED
Dennis George Watling Labour Party 323

Turnout: 40.71%



Candidate Party Votes received
Omar Ismail  Labour Party  277
Tim Williams  Liberal Democrat  1376 ELECTED

Turnout: 30.28%



Candidate Party Votes received
Philip Louis Cox Conservative Party  305
Joe Fahmy Liberal Democrat 1031 ELECTED
Diana Mary Ivory  Labour Party 354

Turnout: 32.84%



Candidate Party Votes received
Jagtar Singh Dhindsa Labour Party 1101 ELECTED
Ilmas Isard Liberal Democrat 576
Michelle Louise Sherman Conservative Party 236

Turnout: 34.27%



Candidate Party Votes received
Ian Frederick James Green UK Independence Party (UKIP)  190
Victoria Lynch Conservative Party 218
Richard Victor Wenham Liberal Democrat 958 ELECTED
Seamus Williams Labour Party 306

Turnout: 29.04%

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