Elections results

2014 Watford Borough Ward election

The results of the Borough elections held on Thursday 22 May 2014.


Candidate Party Votes received
Zaheer Ahmed Liberal Democrat  411
Sohail Bashir Labour Party  653 ELECTED
John Dowdle Green Party  364
Ian Frederick James Green UK Independence Party  288
Len Kerswill Conservative Party  178
Su Murray Green Party first choice candidate  424
Sally Punter Conservative Party  183
Dennis Wharton Liberal Democrat  459
Seamus Williams Labour Party  511 ELECTED

Labour GAIN x 2


Candidate Party Votes received
Stephen Bolton Liberal Democrat  813 ELECTED
Avril Joy Haley Labour Party  698
Joanne Norwood Conservative Party  252
Mark O'Connor Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts  50
Renie Price UK Independence Party  243

Turnout: 30.86% Liberal Democrat HOLD


Candidate Party Votes received
Sajith Attepuram Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts  33
Jackie Connal Labour Party  1,164 ELECTED
Simonie Rose Jeffree Liberal Democrat  231
Caroline Jane Penn UK Independence Party  346
Anne Sander Conservative Party  221

Turnout: 30.76% Labour HOLD


Candidate Party Votes received
Bobby Amin Liberal Democrat  433
Thineshkumar Balasingam Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts  35
Logan Louis Browne UK Independence Party  420
Bilqees Mauthoor Labour Party  855 ELECTED
Neil John Punter Conservative Party  289
Alison Wiesner Green Party  151

Turnout: 36.84% Labour GAIN


Candidate Party Votes received
Favour Ewudo Labour Party  452
Kareen Mary Hastrick Liberal Democrat  826 ELECTED
Nicholas Richard Lincoln UK Independence Party  532
Mark Edward Whitman Conservative Party  288

Turnout: 34.45% Liberal Democrats HOLD


Candidate Party Votes received
Sally Rose Ivins Green Party  164
Daniel James Kerry Labour Party  272
Camilla Zaman Khawaja Conservative Party  647
David Penn UK Independence Party  315
Mark Adrian Watkin Liberal Democrat  1,260 ELECTED

Turnout: 40.48% Liberal Democrats HOLD


Candidate Party Votes received
Sharon Denise Belsham-Wray Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts  32
Joyce Burrows UK Independence Party 268
Penelope Ann Mortimer Conservative Party 276
Iain Scott Sharpe Liberal Democrat 1236 ELECTED
Sue Sleeman Labour Party 289

Turnout: 39.75% Liberal Democrats HOLD


Candidate Party Votes received
Peter Blogg UK Independence Party 258
David Corbet Connal Labour Party 247
Malcolm Anthony Meerabux Independent 518
Binita Mehta Conservative Party 939 ELECTED
Dorothy Nixon Green Party 117
Anne Rindl Liberal Democrat 906

Turnout: 49.55% Conservative GAIN


Candidate Party Votes received
Penny Barefoot UK Independence Party 400
Keith Murray Crout Liberal Democrat 898 ELECTED
Christopher James Hawes Conservative Party 305
John McShane Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 33
Benson Obasogie Labour Party 249

Turnout: 34.29% Liberal Democrats HOLD


Candidate Party Votes received
Dan Channing UK Independence Party 397
Diana Mary Ivory Labour Party 348
Stephen Edward Johnson Liberal Democrat 730 ELECTED
Amanda Norwood Conservative Party 348
Martin Wiesner Green Party 94

Turnout: 40.10% Liberal Democrats HOLD


Candidate Party Votes received
Robert George Carter UK Independence Party 234
Jagtar Singh Dhindsa Labour Party 1403 ELECTED
Dave Ealey Conservative Party 207
Joe Fahmy Liberal Democrat 346
James O'Connor Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 56

Turnout: 38.29% Labour HOLD


Candidate Party Votes received
Karen Ann Collett Liberal Democrat 725 ELECTED
Andrew Cox UK Independence Party  441
Steven Palmer Labour Party 292
Tony Rogers Conservative Party 348

Turnout: 32.63% Liberal Democrats HOLD

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