Homeless or at risk of being homeless

Evictions from a housing association property

If your housing association landlord is asking you to leave your home there is action you can take:

  • If you have fallen behind with your rent and your housing association landlord has served you with a notice of seeking possession because of this, make sure to do the following:
    • Check your entitlement to housing benefit and other welfare benefits to make sure you have enough money to cover your rent and other spending.  You can apply for housing benefit and council tax benefit online.
    • Contact your housing association landlord to make an agreement to pay off arrears and make sure you stick to the repayment agreement until all your arrears are repaid
  • If it's because of other reasons, such as anti-social behaviour, you should contact your housing association landlord straightaway to discuss and agree a way forward so you can keep a roof over your head
  • Gov.uk also provides useful advice for households in your situation
  • You can also follow our advice on finding a private rented home

Advice and support from the council

If you need advice and support from the council first complete the council's Housing Advice form here.  We will then contact you to arrange an appointment to see you within 5 working days to discuss your housing situation with you.  We will ask you to bring several documents to the appointment.  The documents needed include ones that prove your identity and your eligibility to receive advice and support, your family's details, anything written about  your housing situation such as a letter asking you to leave and information about your income and expenditure.

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