Reporting nuisances

Houses and gardens in need of attention

Although people have a right to live as they want in their own home the Council can intervene when the condition of the property threatens the health of the occupants or when it affects neighbours.

Examples of where the Council may intervene include where:

  • The property or garden is a potential source of rats or mice,
  • There is a build up of food, human or animal waste in the house or garden,
  • Very dirty living conditions.

We always work with the person concerned to improve their home and let them know where they can get other help that they may need.

However, failure to work with the Council informally to address the ongoing issues may lead to the formal action being taken.

If you would like to discuss an issue you are experiencing or if you are having problems managing your own property please contact us.

You can do this by completing our online contact form.

If you have an open case please contact your case officer. If you resubmit another form this may delay our investigation.

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