Reporting nuisances

Construction noise

If noise from building or demolition work is disturbing you at unreasonable times of the day, the council may be able to take action.

To avoid unacceptable noise the council recommends that noisy construction works should take place within the hours below. Please be aware that the hours only relate to noisy works and do not prevent all activities on site:

  • Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm
  • Saturday, 8am – 1pm
  • At no time on Sundays or Bank Holidays

If you are regularly being disturbed by noise from works outside of these recommend hours the council can investigate. You will normally be asked to complete a diary of the noise and it’s impact on you. You may also need to let a council officer visit your property to witness the noise.

If the council determines the developer is acting unreasonably and that the noise is having a detrimental impact on your use and enjoyment of your home then we can consider serving a legal notice that restricts noisy works to specified hours (normally those recommended above)

Please be aware that occasionally, noisy works outside of these hours are essential and therefore considered reasonable, for example road works on major routes, crane deliveries or power floating. In these cases the council may not consider it suitable to investigate or consider restricting the hours.

Making a complaint

We encourage you to approach the construction firm to talk to them about the problem before contacting the council. In many cases, they do not realise that there is an issue and will try to resolve things with you. You may be able to get their details from signs on the construction site or from the vehicles on site. If this does not work, you can contact the council and ask for our help.

Report a construction noise nuisance

If you have an open case please contact your case officer. If you resubmit another form this may delay our investigation.

Applying for prior consent, noise from construction sites

The Control of Pollution Act 1974 (CoPA) gives the Council powers to control noise and vibration from construction sites and other works. Section 61 allows contractors to apply for Prior Consent and agree working hours, site noise levels and other measures prior to work starting.

When to apply

Please complete a CoPA Section 61 application form at least 28 days before works start if you plan to carry out noisy construction works outside of normal working hours. This will allow us to consider whether works are acceptable or not with respect to protecting any nearby residents or other noise sensitive stakeholders who could be impacted by noise and vibration. 

Please download prior consent application form 

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