Extra rubbish or excess waste

Wiggenhall Depot is closed to the general public. New bins, nappy sacks and excess waste sacks cannot currently be collected but can be ordered for delivery.  Allotment payments can be made over the phone. Please email Veolia with any queries enquiries.watford@veolia.co.uk or call 020 3567 6900.

Are you producing extra rubbish that won't fit into your black bin?

Check you have the right number of bins


  • Make sure you are recycling using your brown food bin and blue-lidded recycling bin 
  • You can put out as much recycling as you like. Please use clearly labelled or clear plastic bags to contain your extra recycling
  • Sign up to the garden waste collection service to have grass cuttings, hedge clippings, leaves, plants and weeds collected from your home
  • Request a visit from a Recycling Outreach Officer for help and advice
  • Avoid using large bags such as black bags, use smaller bags instead and squash them down before putting them in the bin

Excess waste in blocks of 6 or more flats

  • Only waste contained within the bins will be emptied.  Your managing agent or landlord will need to arrange for any extra waste or bulky items to be removed.  Please contact your managing agent or landlord. 

Clinical and healthcare waste

Excess waste sacks and nappy sacks

  • Purchase Watford Borough Council branded excess waste or nappy sacks over the phone from Veolia.  These sacks can be left next to your bin on collection day.

Use a Recycling Centre

Large household items

Business waste

Larger families

Over 60% of household rubbish is recyclable using the blue-lidded, brown and green bins.  The 140 litre black bin emptied every two weeks should provide enough space to last each household for two weeks. 

Larger 240 litre black bins will only be considered for households who:

  • have five or more permanent residents (and are recycling)


Please note that applications for a larger bin are subject to the eligibility criteria and will be time limited.


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