Using your bins

Which bin should I use?

Brown food bin (food waste) - collected every week *not currently available to some residents in flats*

Blue-lidded bin (recycling) - collected every week

Green bin (garden waste) - collected every two weeks. (optional service)

Black bin (non recyclable waste) - collected every two weeks

Bins must be put out (on your front boundary) the night before or by 6:00am on your collection day and must be returned to within your property boundary within 24 hours of collection.

Report missed bins within 24 hours of your collection day after 5pm.

If you are missing any bins please contact Veolia on email or 0203 567 6900.


This information is for flats in blocks of six or more.

Blue-lidded bin (recycling) - collected every week

Black-lidded bin (non-recyclable waste) - collected every week or every two weeks

Brown bin (food waste) - collected every week *available in some flats*

Green bin (chargeable garden waste collection)

This is an optional service, if you would like this service please ask your managing agent to sign up Watford Borough Council will not introduce this service without prior authorisation and payment from your managing agent.

If there are any issues with the bins or bin store area please contact your managing agent or landlord.  Alternatively, contact Veolia and provide details for your managing agent or landlord.

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