Waste and recycling for flats - managing agents and landlords

Waste and recycling for purpose built flats

You will have a communal waste and recycling area either outside or in a bin store

These areas usually contain the following bins:

  • Large white bins with blue lids (1100l) - for recycling.  Ensure your residents only include materials we are able to recycle.  No carrier bags please.
  • Large white bins with black lids (1100l) - For general waste.  Ensure your residents only include general waste. Please recycle where you can.
  • Smaller green bins - for garden and food waste (240l).  Ensure your residents only include the correct green waste items in this bin. If you don't currently have a green bin and would like one please contact Veolia.

Bin allocation

Please ensure you have the correct allocation of bins for the number of flats in your development by following our calculations provided, contact Veolia if you don't have the correct number of bins.  There should also be posters up in the bin stores showing residents which bin to use.  If you find posters aren't there, are worn or have been damaged, please print out and replace or contact Veolia to provide print outs of the posters for you.

New Developments

If you are involved in new flats developments please refer to our waste and recycling information in the new developments pages.



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