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In the bathroom...


Swap your shower gel bottle and hand pump for a bar of soap, simple but effective and they will last much longer too!

Shampoo and conditioner bars

Ditch your old plastic bottles for these brilliant bars which are a great alternative. They work just as well and many of the brands which create these bars are also cruelty-free and use more natural ingredients.

Sanitary wear

Your average sanitary pad can contain the equivalent of four plastic carrier bags! Change up your monthly routine by learning more about having a plastic free period.


Cut your single-use plastic consumption even further by switching your plastic disposable razor for a reusable razor. Whether you are male or female, there are plenty available to buy for your needs.

In the kitchen...

Same Taste, Less Waste

Same taste, less wasteFood such as fruit and vegetables can often be bought loose instead of wrapped in plastic. All supermarket tills have weighing scales so that you can pay for what you buy at the till without using any pesky plastic bags! If you prefer to have your food protected on your shop, bring your own bags or tubs with you to the supermarket.


Milk delivery

In the past 40 years, the people using glass bottles has dropped around 90%. Let’s get back to the good old days, find your nearest milkman.


Make your own cleaning products, most things can be cleaned easily avoiding chemicals by using a simple recipe of white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. No need to buy lots of trigger sprays and bleach bottles.

Food wrap

Ditch the cling film and invest in reusable food wrap or have a go at making your own reusable bees-wax wrap.

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