Plastics - reduce and recycle

Five ways to reduce single use plastics

Plastic has been thrown into the spotlight recently with programmes like Blue Planet highlighting what a devastating impact it can have on the environment and marine life in particular.  Plastic is made to be used once but stays around forever.  If you want to start reducing your use of avoidable single use plastic waste we have come up with 5 plastics you can easily give up today! 

Five ways to reduce single use plastics:

  1. Reusable shopping bag - The 5p charge reduced the use of plastic carrier bags by 80% in just one year!  Take a reuseable bag with you every time you go shopping.
  2. Bring your own coffee cup - Every day in the UK, up to 7 million coffee cups are thrown away, with less than 1% recycled.  Lots of coffee shops offer discounts for bringing your own cup. 
  3. Reusable water bottle - Each year the average UK household uses around 480 plastic bottles. In the UK, an estimated 16 million of these bottles are not recycled. Save money and the planet by never leaving the house without a reusable water bottle.
  4. Say 'No' to straws and stirrers - On average a straw is used for 20 minutes before it goes in the bin! These straws take over 200 years to break down.
  5. Say 'No' to disposable cutlery - It's not widely recyclable and creates waste.

Remember your reusables!

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