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Values and behaviours

Watford Together. United by possibility.

Our vision is to create a bold and progressive future for Watford. In line with our Council Plan 2022-2026, our ambition is to be a different type of council, championing bold values, free thinking and always striving for better ways to do things. Watford colleagues have thus co-designed our core values.

Our behaviours sit alongside our values, translating them into day-to-day actions and demonstrating how we bring our values to life. They outline what we can expect from each other at work and ensure we all play our part in building a transformational culture where we are continually evolving, exploring innovation and bringing fresh ideas and ways of working to everything we do.

Applicable to everyone who works within team Watford, our values support our People Strategy’s vision: our people will flourish, working in a dynamic and agile organisation where everyone is able to be their very best and their contribution is valued and celebrated.

Watford has six core values that are really important to us, as they show us who we are:

Watford's six values

We are One Watford Team!

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