Housing advice and support

Watford Borough Council's Housing Advice and Homelessness Service

The council offers an in-depth service which is about:

  • preventing most people who are threatened with homeless from becoming homeless at all
  • helping people who are actually homeless find a new place to live in as soon as possible
  • helping people help themselves to resolve their housing situation

The council works with partner organisations in Watford to help deliver its homelessness service.

The council follows duties it has under Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 which came into force from 3 April 2018. 

To find out more about the duties of all local authorities under the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017, see here.

If you are homeless now

If you are homeless right now, please complete our Housing Advice Form here and call us on 01923 226400.

If you are not homeless now but think you may have to leave your home in the next 56 days

You may be threatened with homelessness because:

  • You have received something in writing, like a S21 notice from your private landlord or a notice to quit or notice seeking possession from a your housing association landlord that is bringing your tenancy to an end by a certain date
  • You are staying/living with your parents, other family or friends and they have asked you to find somewhere else to live. 

You can first have a look at the information advice and information available on the council's website here on what you can do in your situation. 

If you still need to speak to someone at the council because you may be homeless in the next 56 days you should complete our Housing Advice Form here in which you can explain what's happening.  We will contact you and arrange an appointment to see you to within three working days to discuss your housing situation with you.  We'll ask you to bring several documents to the appointment including ones that prove your identity and your eligibility to receive advice and support, your family's details, anything to do with your housing situation such as a tenancy agreement and notice asking you to leave, and information about your income and expenditure. 

If you need some general advice on housing you can complete our Housing Advice Form here in which you can explain your circumstances.  Someone from our Housing Solutions Team will get in touch to give you advice.  You can also follow the various links on the right hand side of this page which give further advice and information.

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