To make it simple and easy for you to travel in a greener more sustainable way, we are making improvements to our electric vehicle infrastructure.

Request for an Electric Vehicle charging point

Watford Car Club

Car clubs offer car hire by the hour or by the day, enabling individuals and organisations access to a vehicle without the need for high cost ownership and on an as-needed basis.

All the vehicles in Watford that are located at convenient on-street locations will be fully electric. The scheme will be further enhanced by the availability of low-emission vehicles on local developed sites and possible future locations.

A market leader, Enterprise Car Club will deliver the service in Watford. For more information on the car club, locations and how to join, please visit the Enterprise Car Club website.

EV charging points across the town

The council have brought the total number of EV charging points to 102 (dual) in Watford to significantly improve the accessibility and convenience of EV charging for both residents and visitors alike.

This move will also encourage the uptake of EVs and you can view a map of all of our electric vehicle charging points in Watford provided by the council. You can request an Electric Vehicle Charging Point to be placed near your house.

E-Bikes with Beryl

There are over 100 e-bikes available through the town, which can be differentiated from the standard Beryl Bikes through an electrified symbol that is visible on the bike and bay icons in-app. The local Beryl operations team use a battery swapping process to ensure the e-bikes are charged and ready for use.

Beryl’s e-Bikes have a centre mount pedal assist, ensuring a lower centre of gravity in the bike which provides a safer and more enjoyable riding experience. The electric assist of the Beryl e-Bike is capped at a max speed of 15.5mph (24.9kmph) in accordance with UK law.

Other useful E-transport information

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