Make a complaint

If you have a problem with a council service

We're sorry if you feel you're not getting the right service from us. 

This is something we want to put right for you today. 

The best way to resolve most matters is always by contacting us

But if you've already spoken to us, you can make a complaint. 

Complaints about a specific council service

The following services have their own complaints procedure. 

If your issue relates to one of these, you should follow the link.

If you still need to make a complaint

If you've spoken to us about the problem, but feel it's not been fairly resolved, there is a formal complaints process you can use: 

See more information about the Watford council formal complaint process

What you can't make a formal complaint about 

These are situations you can't make a formal complaint about. 

  • something that has been to court or is going to court
  • appeals to legal notices you should find information on appealing on the notice that was served
  • insurance claims against us such as claims for damage caused to property
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