Alcohol and entertainment licensing

You need a licence to:

  • sell alcohol
  • provide some forms of entertainment
  • sell hot food and drink between 11pm and 5am

Members’ clubs can apply for a Club Premises Certificate. Other businesses can apply for a Premises Licence. A temporary event notice can also allow these activities.

If you trade illegally without a licence, you risk an unlimited fine and up to six months in prison.

Read our licensing policy before applying.

You must consider how your activities will impact upon:

  • crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • public nuisance
  • protecting children from harm

Premises licensed to sell alcohol must name a designated premises supervisor (DPS) who holds a personal licence. Club Premises Certificates do not need a DPS.

Applications must be submitted with a premises plan, a DPS consent form (if required), and the relevant fee. You can apply online for a Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate. Applications not submitted online must be copied to the responsible authorities.


Applications must be advertised in a local newspaper and by a site notice for 28 days.

A hearing will be arranged within 20 working days of the consultation closing to consider any objections.

Your application will be granted if no objections are made during the consultation period.


The application fee depends on the rateable value of the premises

Rateable Value

Application Fee

£0 – £4,300


£4,300 – £33,000


£33,001 – £87,000


£87,001 – £125,000

£450 *

£125,001 +

£635 **

* premises primarily or exclusively selling alcohol for consumption on the premises pay £900

** premises primarily or exclusively selling alcohol for consumption on the premises pay £1,905

How to appeal

Unsucessful applicants and objectors may appeal to the magistrates' court within 21 dyas of being notified of the decision.

How to object or complain

Please read our information about objecting to licences.

Download the relevant application form:

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