Housing Policies and Strategies

Private Sector Renewal Policy

The council's Private Sector Renewal Policy, updated from April 2018, is one of a number of policies which help carry out the council's corporate aims to:

  • Identify ways to manage the borough's housing needs
  • Champion smart growth and economic prosperity
  • Provide for the borough's vulnerable and disadvantaged communities

It is also one of a suite of strategies and policies which supports the aims and objectives of the council's overarching Housing Strategy.  

In addition, legislation has an essential part to play as the Housing Act 2004 requires all local authorities to understand the condition of the housing stock in their area and develop strategies/approaches to address issues of concern. 

Periodically the council undertakes a stock condition survey of all homes in the council's area.   The council commissioned the Building Research Establishment to do the latest survey in 2017. The survey informed the principles and priorities set out in the updated Policy.  

The aim of this policy is to improve and maintain housing standards to support an accessible private sector housing stock in an environment which promotes health, wellbeing and sustainability and  which targets available resources to those most in need.

The basis for all assistance is to remove or reduce housing related defects that are detrimental to an occupant's health, in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.

You can read the Private Sector Renewal Policy (PDF 1.49MB).

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