Temporary accommodation

Rules in temporary accommodation

Rules in temporary accommodation

Before you are placed in temporary accommodation we require you to sign a Conditions of Occupancy agreement.  The terms of the agreement depends on the type of temporary accommodation you have been given and the stage your homelessness application has reached. 

The terms the agreement you have signed must be kept to. If you don't keep to the conditions of the occupancy agreement, you may lose your temporary accommodation and the council may end any duty it has accepted to help you with settled housing.

Absence from temporary accommodation

If you are going to be away overnight, you must inform the council and the manager of the temporary accommodation.

Any absence from temporary accommodation must be agreed in advance.  The council will only agree an absence from temporary accommodation for exceptional circumstances.   Absences that are longer than 7 days may mean you will have to move out of the temporary accommodation you currently occupy and move to another temporary accommodation when you get back.  Being away for longer than 7 days may also affect the priority you have for moving out of temporary accommodation and in to settled housing.

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