Temporary accommodation

Types of temporary accommodation 

Most likely your temporary accommodation will be a room in a hostel. The council uses other types of temporary accommodation too  including a room in a Bed and Breakfast, a flat or a house.

The council's hostels have individual rooms of varying sizes to accommodate single people or families.  All have shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.

We use a number of guesthouse suppliers in and around Hertfordshire. We book rooms only, so there is no breakfast or meals included.

None of our temporary accommodation will allow pets.

It is not possible for guests to stay overnight in temporary accommodation provided by the council. Your occupancy conditions will also say whether or not you can have visitors at your temporary accommodation.  If visitors are allowed, the agreement will set out the times of the day they can visit.

Most of our accommodation is furnished - the furniture provided must not be moved or stored elsewhere.  You will not be able to use your own furniture in furnished temporary accommodation. The council can help with temporary storage of white goods, such as your cooker, fridge or washing machine but can not store your furniture.  There will be a charge for temporary storage.  The council can suggest the names of storage companies located up to a 10 mile radius of the borough.

Unfurnished accommodation is mainly self-contained studio or flats.  They may have a cooker, fridge and washing machine.  Some have flooring, some do not.

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