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About the Bond

The bond is a certificate provided in place of the tenant’s cash deposit. It gives a set amount which can be claimed back at the end of the tenancy, should there be damage or rent arrears.

When the tenancy and bond expire, they can both be renewed, providing all parties are happy. This can be repeated as many times as required.

Before the bond is renewed we will visit the property to check the condition, ensure the rent is up to date and remains affordable, and collect any new safety certificates required.

It is important not to renew the tenancy before checking the bond can be renewed first.

Any claims made on the bond must be made in writing. You will need to provide details and evidence to support the claim. If you are claiming due to rent arrears you will need to provide a full breakdown of the tenants rent account and evidence of your communication with the tenant. If you are claiming for damages (which must be beyond fair wear and tear) you will need to provide photographic evidence and quotes for the works to be rectified.

We will also discuss any claims with the tenant. As each case varies, we will let landlords know if further evidence and/or documentation is required.

Claims should be made at the end of a tenancy and preferably before the bond expires. We appreciate it can take some time to submit claims, so allow landlords a 3 month grace period after bonds have expired, to make any late claims.

If you are not having a bond, and instead are taking a cash deposit, you are legally required to put the funds into a deposit protection scheme.

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