HomeLet landlord information


The amount of  rent charged is your decision, however please keep in mind that many of our prospective tenants are on lower incomes and may be fully or partially reliant on Housing Benefit (Local Housing Allowance).  

The nearer the rent levels to Housing Benefit the greater the number of prospective tenants we can refer. To check the latest LHA for your property (PDF 44.04kB).

If needed, we may be able to bridge the gap between Housing Benefit levels and the rent.  We refer to this as a rent top up.  If you are interested in working with our scheme, the HomeLet Officer can discuss rent levels with you in more details.

The tenant is responsible for paying the rent, not the council.  

To ensure Housing Benefits payments are made quickly, HomeLet staff will work with the tenant and submit the necessary paperwork their behalf.  Whenever the law allows, Housing Benefit payments can be made direct to your bank account. 

If Housing Benefit does not cover the full rent, the tenant will be required to pay the difference. We encourage tenants to arrange a standing order payment.

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