Operational hours

10 to noon, Monday to Friday.

Roads contained in Controlled Parking Zone
Cedar Road
9c – 9h Eastbury Road
Parkview House, Eastbury Road
Ivy House, Eastbury Road
Manning Court, Eastbury Road
Carlton Court, Eastbury Road
The Heights, Eastbury Road
Kingsfield Court
Kingsfield Road
Oxhey Road (1-57 & 2-68)
Rainbow Court
7 Eastbury Road
27 - 33D Eastbury Road
1 - 9 Walverns Close
1 - 11 Oakview Close
Number of Resident permits per household

2 per household, 1 per individual.

Please note: Properties which have been converted or are new may have restrictions on their permit entitlement or be exempt from the scheme completely.

Visitor Voucher allocation per household

Standard account: 120 hours

Senior citizen: Double the standard allocation.

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