Resident parking permits

Resident parking permits and eligibility

If you live in a controlled parking zone in Watford you'll need a resident parking permit to park your vehicle on the street.

The limit is two permits per household (maximum of one permit per person) and the vehicle must not exceed 5.25m in length (up to a standard, Ford, Transit) and 2.3m in height.

You can search using the space below, search for your road name and see whether you are in a CPZ.

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Apply for a resident permit

Resident permits are now digital.

Apply for resident parking online

Documents needed to apply

You'll need to upload some documents to prove your address and vehicle details. 

All documents must have your name and current address on them.

Proof of address: 

If you're on the electoral register - you don't need to upload a proof of address and only need to upload your vehicle ownership details.  

  • recent utility bill, bank statement, or Council Tax document
  • tenancy agreement (minimum 6 months duration)
  • solicitor's letter confirming recent completion of a house purchase (dated within the last three months)

Proof of vehicle ownership:

Please upload one of the following documents

  • vehicle registration document (V5)
  • insurance schedule showing the applicant as the driver and vehicle registration number
  • company letter, lease or hire agreement on headed paper and dated within 3 months
  • an official bill of sale or invoice for the vehicle dated within 3 months

Costs of permits

Cost of resident parking permits
Type of permit Current Fee
First permit £31
Second permit £66
Motorcycle permits £31
Blue Badge Permit holders (drivers and guardians) £0

Renew your parking permit

You can renew your permit online up to 21 days before it expires

Renew your resident parking permit online

Cancel your permit

You can cancel your resident parking permit online

Please note: Refunds are subject to a £10 administrative charge. Permits with 3 months or less remaining, do not qualify for a refund.

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Visitor Parking Vouchers

If you have a visitor staying with you, you can grab your visitor parking vouchers online.

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