Operational hours

Monday to Friday, 10.30am to 2.30pm,

from 1st September  to 30th June only.

Excluding Bank Holidays.

Roads contained in Controlled Parking Zone
Bellmount Wood Avenue
Berceau Walk
Capelvere Walk
Cassiobury Drive (No's. 1 to 151 and No's. 2 to 178)
Cassiobury Drive (No's. 306 to 354 and No's. 199 to 243)
Coningesby Drive
Cottage Close
De Vere Walk
Devereux Drive
Garden Close
Gardens (The)
Harford Drive
Langley Way (No's. 65 to 119 and No's. 68 to 120)
Orchard Close
Orchard Drive
Parkside Drive (No's. 1 to 161 and No's. 16 to 130)
Peace Drive (No. 1 only)
Richmond Drive
Stratford Way
Temple Close
Trefusis Walk
Woodland Drive
Number of Resident permits per household

2 per household, 1 per individual.

Please note: Properties which have been converted or are new may have restrictions on their permit entitlement or be exempt from the scheme completely.

Visitor Voucher allocation per household

Standard account: 690 hours. This includes 15, 1 day vouchers and 2, 1 week permits.

Senior citizen: Double the standard account allocation.

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