Operational hours

Monday to Saturday 8am to 6.30pm. Including Bank Holidays.

Additionally,  on first team match days of Watford Football Club between the following hours:

  • Weekday evenings: 6pm to 10pm
  • Sundays 1pm to 6.30pm
Roads contained in Controlled Parking Zone
Hagden Lane (290 to 346 and 163 to 201
Harwoods Road (140 to 212 and 103 to 257)
Kensington Avenue
King's Avenue
Mildred Avenue (62 to 135 and 19 to 105)
Prince's Road
Queens Avenue (62 to 152 and 39a and 89 to 125)
Rickmansworth Road (Number 75, flats 1 to 8)
Whippendell Road (172 to 382 and 179 to 403)
Number of Resident permits per household

2 per household, 1 per individual.

Please note: Properties which have been converted or are new may have restrictions on their permit entitlement or be exempt from the scheme completely.

Visitor Voucher allocation per household

Standard account: 690 hours. This includes 15, 1 day vouchers and 2, 1 week permits.

Senior citizen:Double the standard account allocation.

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