Operational hours

Monday to Saturday 8am to 6.30pm. Including Bank Holidays.

Additionally,  on first team match days of Watford Football Club between the following hours:

  • Weekday evenings: 6pm to 10pm
  • Sundays 1pm to 6.30pm
Roads contained in Controlled Parking Zone
Aynho Street
Banbury Street
Benskin Road
Brightwell Road
Hagden Lane (No's. 1 to 33 and No's. 2 to 98)
Harwoods Road (No's. 2 to 134 and No's. 1 to 101)
Holywell Road
Oxford Street
Rose Gardens
Souldern Street
Vicarage Road (No's. 32 to 100 and No's. 91 to 207)
Willow Lane (No's. 2 to 44)
Number of Resident permits per household

2 per household, 1 per individual.

Please note: Properties which have been converted or are new may have restrictions on their permit entitlement or be exempt from the scheme completely.

Visitor Voucher allocation per household

Standard account: 690 hours. This includes 15, 1 day vouchers and 2, 1 week permits.

Senior citizen: Double the standard account allocation.

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