Debts and arrears


You will receive a summons if:

  • you didn't pay the correct amount as per the instalments shown on your bill
  • you didn't pay as per the due date shown on your bill on more than one occasion
  • your payments didn't reach your council tax account by the due date when the summons was issued

The summons will give details of the amount of unpaid Council Tax plus our costs and the date of the court hearing.

Pay the summons

If you agree that you are responsible to pay the debt, you can either:

  • pay the full balance including the summons costs.
  • contact the council tax office immediately to discuss a short term payment arrangement.
  • You can make the payment either online or by calling 01923 278989 (24 hours).

If you do not take action we will apply to the magistrates’ court for a liability order. The liability order will ask you to pay the full balance within 14 days. To avoid court action you can still contact us to discuss a short term arrangement to pay the balance due.

For more details see how we recover Council Tax debts.

Disputing a summons

If you are disputing the summons please contact the council tax office immediately and before the court hearing date so that we can resolve any issues you may have.

The court hearing

If you believe that you do not owe or should not have to pay the Council Tax, then you must contact the Council before the hearing. You do not need to attend court unless you dispute the councils claim that you are liable.

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