Debts and arrears

Final notices

If you have already received two reminder notices within the same billing year we will send you a Final Notice.

A final notice means that you must pay the total amount outstanding for the rest of the financial year within seven days.

If you do not pay the balance in full, we will start recovery action through the magistrates court.

You will be able to check which payments were late and when the reminder notices were sent on your MyWatford account.

If you believe you shouldn't have been sent a Final Notice, you can find out how to dispute the claim below.

Payment options

When you are sent a final notice you lose the right to pay by instalments or make other payment arrangements. You can:

This is the last notice that you will receive before a summons is sent. To avoid getting into further debt find out how to manage your payments [link to managing payments information].

Missing payments

If you believe you made the payment on time check your MyWatford Account to when your payment was received. If you have checked and your payment is not showing you contact us to let us know along with proof the payment has been made.

This can be one of the following:

  • your bank or credit card statement showing where your payment has been made.
  • a receipt for your payment.
  • any other valid proof that you have to clearly show the payment in question.

Other reasons for disputing a final notice

  • If you did not receive the bill or reminders then you can check them on your MyWatford account. You must pay the amount shown on the notice. Not receiving a bill or reminder notice is not a valid defence against a summons.
  • If you have not paid because you cannot afford it, you should check to see if you qualify for a reduction. Recovery action will continue in the meantime if you do not pay.
  • If you have received a notice for an address you have moved out of, you can let us know.
  • If you have recently set up a Direct Debit, check your MyWatford account to see if it has been set up. You will need to pay any payments shown as outstanding.

You must always pay your council tax while waiting for a decision on any type of application.

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