Housing Benefit

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

If you need extra help to pay your rent, you could get some financial support. These are called Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP). 

DHPs can support you with

  • if you're unable to cover all your rent 
  • upfront costs - like deposit

Eligibility for DHPs

DHPs are a discretionary payment, so each application depends on your individual circumstances. 

We will support you where we can.

You could get support if your Housing Benefit is:

  • reduced because of the bedroom tax
  • reduced because of the Benefit Cap
  • not covering all of your rent
  • reduced because of deductions we have made because other adults are living with you (non-dependent deductions)
  • or Housing Cost under Universal Credit does not cover all of your rent

Read about DHPs on GOV.UK website

How to apply

If you currently receive Housing Benefit or housing costs under Universal Credit, you can apply for extra support through Discretionary Housing Payments.

When a Discretionary Housing Payment can't be given

Discretionary payments can't be awarded if you need support for the following:

  • when your rent has been increased to cover rent arrears
  • payment of non-rent charges, like ground rent, service or water charges 
  • Housing Benefit that has been reduced because of a sanction, or suspended
  • covering any shortfall in your Housing Benefit if you have enough money to pay this.
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