Report a parking issue

Blocked driveways and dropped kerbs

If someone is blocking your driveway

If someone parks a vehicle that blocks your access to your dropped kerb or driveway, you can contact us for assistance.

When to contact parking enforcement

You should contact us if a vehicle’s wheel (whole width of the wheel, not just the edge) is across where your dropped kerb starts and you have not given them permission to park across your dropped kerb.

A parking officer will assess the situation and take action if needed.

You will need to be present to give a signature to confirm you did not give permission for the person to park.

Contact information

You can contact us for advice.

Email Parking Services

Phone 01923 278890

Hours 8.45am to 5.15pm Monday to Thursday (4.45pm Friday)

Outside these hours you can contact the police non-emergency line by phoning 101.

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