Get a white line

Apply for a white line

White lines for driveways

To help make other drivers aware of access to your driveway or garage, you can apply to have a white line painted on the road.

The line shows motorists that access is needed, and they should park somewhere else.

Apply for a white line outside your house

To apply for a white line, you need to :

  • live in the Borough of Watford
  • have a clear vehicle access point with a dropped kerb
  • have an access point is on the public highway

If you share a driveway with a neighbour, you'll need their agreement before applying.

Apply for a white line


A white line costs £150 (£50 is a non-refundable deposit).

Refreshment of an existing white line costs £50.

Apply to refresh a white line

The work can take up to 3 months from the time of accepting your application and full payment.

If someone parks on your white line

If a vehicle is stopping you using your dropped kerb exit, you can contact parking enforcement.

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