Disabled parking in Watford

Apply for a blue badge

With a Blue Badge you can park in disabled parking bays in Watford. 

You can be eligible if you:

  • are registered blind
  • have a severe disability
  • receive certain benefits

Apply for Blue Badge online

Find out about eligibility and how to apply and renew 

Apply online on the Herts.org website

Information about eligibility and use on GOV.UK

Find disabled parking spaces in Watford

You can find a disabled parking space by searching this map, using a Watford postcode:

Disabled parking locations

Disabled parking locations in Watford
Locations across Watford
Outside Post Office, Haines Way Alongside Parade, north approach
Outside Post Officer, Goodwood Parade Outside Tudor Surgery, Bushey Mill Lane
At Junction with St. Albans Road and Judge Street At Junction with St. Albans Road and Regent Street
Alongside Leisure Centre, Peace Prospect Alongside Sainsburys, Gaumont approach
Alongside Gade Car Park, Bentine Lane Wells Yard, Wellstones
Behind Church Car Park, Church Street Outside Playing Fields, Shaftesbury Road


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