Whippendell Woods car park to close for three weeks (3 to 21 June)

Whippendell woods

A Watford car park is set to be closed on weekdays for three weeks...

After works to fell trees affected by ash dieback in Whippendell Woods, Cassiobury Park, the council is set to remove the timber.

The car park in Grove Mill Lane will be out of use Monday to Friday between 3 June and 21 June while this is done, and the paths will also inaccessible.

The closures are necessary for the logistics of the operation and for health and safety reasons.

Ash dieback is a fungal disease which was first identified in England in 2012. According to the Woodland Trust it will kill “up to 80 per cent of ash trees across the UK”.

Areas of Whippendell Wood have been hit by a rapid spread of the disease, meaning the proactive felling operation which began in January was needed.

Published: 30th May 2024

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