Everything you need to know about our new virtual parking permits

Residents recently received a letter about our new virtual parking permits. Below you can find answers to your questions about what this means for you.

Published: Friday, 6th April 2018

How will this improve the system of parking permits in Watford?

The new system will allow residents and business to apply for a permit 24/7 and receive their virtual permit instantly. They will no longer need to wait for a paper permit to arrive in the post for them to display in their car. Civil Enforcement Officers will be able to scan car number plates to find out if a car has a permit or not, saving them time as they will no longer have to add in the number plate manually.

Do I need to change my permit now?

No. Paper permits should continue to be displayed and residents will only need to register on the new virtual parking permit system when their paper permit expires.

What happens if I change my vehicle and need to change my paper permit?

Use the online application on the council’s parking page and upload supporting documentation. Staff will add your details to the new system and your new vehicle will be instantly covered with a virtual permit. You will not need to return your paper permit. 

Will the council update its electronic systems for renewing permits?

Yes. The new system will be much easier and quicker to use for residents and businesses. Residents will need to register on the new virtual system upon expiry of their current paper permit because the old system that issued those permits will no longer exist.

What about residents who don’t have access to the internet?

This will be quicker and easier for the majority of residents. However, we will ensure that residents who do not have access to the internet receive all the assistance they need.

What will happen with visitor permits?

We will be writing to everyone who lives in Watford’s Controlled Parking Zones to provide more information on virtual visitor permits nearer to July, when they will be introduced. We’ll also be publishing the information on our website, social media pages and through our resident e-newsletter.

Residents can be advised that any paper vouchers will remain valid indefinitely so no resident will be out of pocket. However, no further paper permits will be sold after the introduction of the virtual system in July.

How will Civil Enforcement Officers know who has a parking permit and who hasn’t?

Civil Enforcement Officers will use a handheld device with recognition software to link permit-holders to the number plate of their car.

How will Civil Enforcement Officers know if someone is a genuine visitor or someone parking in the Controlled Parking Zone illegally?

The details of the new system will be confirmed closer to July, when virtual visitor permits are launched. It will involve householders registering an account that will allow them to buy time for their visitors by telephone, online or a mobile phone app. Our Civil Enforcement Officers will then use a handheld device with recognition software to confirm that the visiting vehicle is covered by a valid parking session. We will ensure that any residents who need help setting up their account will have all the support they need.

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