Update on Watford Fields traveller encampment

We served a Direction for the illegal encampment of travellers to leave Watford Fields on the day after they arrived but to legally enforce any eviction we must follow the proper legal process.

Published: Friday, 8th September 2017

We have a hearing in Court on Monday where we will be requesting an Order to evict them. If not complied with we will enforce this with the support of Bailiffs and the Police. We hope this won’t be necessary and they will have moved on before then.

The reason this encampment has been in place longer than normal is that the law states we must take decisions based on welfare need as well as the impact of the encampment on the community. With this case, there is a genuine welfare need, and it’s unlikely that an application to evict immediately would have been successful. We understand that some residents find this concerning, and we want to reassure you we are doing everything we can and the Police and Council are regularly monitoring the site. We are taking further action as soon as is possible and in the meantime we are responding to all concerns to minimise the impact on the community. Please report any antisocial behaviour to the Police on 101.

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