Elton John honoured with new street name in Watford

Yellow Brick Road

In another local tribute to Elton John, the legendary multi-award-winning artist, activist and former Chairman of Watford FC, Occupation Road in Watford has officially been renamed Yellow Brick Road.

The renaming was proposed by Roy Moore, founder of the 1881 fan movement, after Sir Elton John hosted two concerts at Vicarage Road stadium in 2022 as part of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. 

Yellow Brick Road Elton John
Watford FC Honorary Life-President Sir Elton John

Roy suggested the name change to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sir Elton's presidency at Watford FC, and the proposal received support from the council, the club, and the fans.

Occupation Road, which ran alongside the Sir Elton John Stand at the stadium, has been renamed as a tribute to the musicians iconic and best-selling studio album, known for its timeless hit 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.' The album and song were both released in 1973, the same year he became club president at the football club. They hold a special place in the hearts of fans and the new road name is a fitting tribute to the artist's profound impact on both the club and the town.

During his tenure as Watford FC Chairman, Elton left a lasting mark on the community, fostering the spirit of togetherness and camaraderie. Under his leadership, alongside manager Graham Taylor, Watford FC earned the reputation of the 'Original Family Club,' a legacy that endures to this day.

The community effect of Sir Elton John's involvement with Watford FC extended beyond the pitch, transcending into the town's cultural fabric. Watford now proudly boasts murals dedicated to the music icon at Watford Central Library, Vicarage Road stadium, and the subway leading to Vicarage Road.

To further celebrate his legacy, the club is also giving supporters the chance to immortalise themselves as part of a new mosaic, along the newly named road. It will showcase iconic images from the Hornets’ long association with the Honorary Life-President, and pictures from supporters will be used to create an amazing tribute to the town’s very own Rocket Man.

Watford FC Honorary Life-President, Sir Elton John, said: “Using ‘Yellow Brick Road’ is a really fantastic, clever way for supporters to have played their part in recognising a time when I was here pretty much every day – on this amazing journey with Graham Taylor,”

 “Along with the stand being named after me here at Vicarage Road, I feel very specially treated. And, even coming back here on a non-matchday, there’s still a buzz for me because this is where I fell in love with football and my club. As I’ve said many times before, Watford Football Club has done more for me in my lifetime than I ever did for it.” 

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, said: “I am really pleased that we have helped to make this happen. This new street name was suggested by Roy Moore, founder of the Watford FC fans’ group the 1881 Movement. It is one way we can recognise Sir Elton's achievements as an artist, his impactful activism, and his instrumental role in the history of Watford FC. It is right that we create a lasting tribute that captures his profound impact on the town.”

Hornets’ Chairman & CEO, Scott Duxbury, said: “Watford FC has been in full support of this act of tribute as soon as we learned of its inception. Running alongside The Sir Elton John Stand, our supporters will have further cause to celebrate Sir Elton’s amazing achievements at Vicarage Road when they proudly walk along Yellow Brick Road.”

Roy Moore, Founder of the 1881 Watford FC Movement, said: “The passion that Sir Elton feels about Watford FC was plain to see at Vicarage Road Stadium during his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. The newly named road is another tribute highlighting what he brought to the club and town. If it wasn't for Elton John, there wouldn't have been multiple springboards to get where we are. We have etched his legacy into the very streets that echo with the cheers of the Watford FC supporters.”

To find out more on the mosaic and how to get involved, please visit http://yellowbrickfanwall.co.uk/

Yellow Brick Road
Roy Moore (1881 Movement Founder) and Peter Taylor (Elected Mayor of Watford)

Published: 28th November 2023

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