The caddies are coming

Look out for your kitchen food waste caddy and biodegradable liners

Published: Monday, 7th November 2016

This month, houses across Watford will be receiving kitchen caddies for food waste and a roll of biodegradable liners, to help people recycle their food waste in a tidier, cleaner way. Veolia is providing the containers and liners on behalf of Watford council, in response to residents’ concerns about recycling the remains of meals or other food. The kitchen caddies and biodegradable liners make it easier to get the food from the plate into the green-lidded bin – in three easy steps.

  1. Put any remains of meals or other food waste (such as  vegetable peelings, meat bones, or egg-shells) into the caddy, lined with a biodegradable liner
  2. Once the liner is full, tie it up and put it into your green-lidded garden and food waste bin
  3. Put your green-lidded bin out for collection before 6am every fortnight as usual

At the moment Watford residents recycle 44% of their rubbish from their homes, which includes almost six thousand tonnes of green waste every year. But Cllr Peter Taylor, portfolio holder for Client Services, including waste, wants to do even better. He says

“Some people have been put off recycling their food waste because of the smell and mess it makes in their green-lidded bins. We've worked with Veolia on this and are pleased that biodegradable liners will be allowed from now on. Giving households food caddies and biodegradable liners should mean that more food waste ends up where it should - in the green-lidded bins.”

Matt Crane, Senior Contract Manager for Veolia Watford, says “I am delighted that we are now able to accept the biodegradable caddy liners in the green-lidded bins. I really hope we’ll see a big reduction in the amount of food not being recycled. Recycling food and garden waste benefits the environment hugely and is turned into compost which is used on local farms. Turning food and garden waste into a resource is much better than simply wasting it.”

The biodegradable caddy liners must include the ‘seedling logo’ as this ensures the liners are safe to be turned into high quality compost. Additional biodegradable liners can be purchased from Watford Council offices (Town Hall and Wiggenhall Depot) and a number of supermarkets across the town.

At the moment the caddies and biodegradable liners are only being sent to houses in the borough – if you live in a flat and would like to take part in the scheme, please email

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