Watford local warns people not to get caught out by flytippers

Watford resident Stewart Wilson, 39, is warning people about the dangers of giving rubbish to cold callers, after he was recently scammed.

Published: Tuesday, 28th June 2016

While renovating his home, Mr Wilson was approached by a man who offered to dispose of his waste for just £100.

Stewart Wilson explained: “We were desperately trying to get everything clear, so I was pleased when this man with a van offered to take the rubbish for a small fee. He seemed trustworthy and it was another thing off my plate.”

Instead of doing as he’d promised, the fraudster flytipped the waste nearby. After examining the flytip, Watford Council traced the waste back to Mr Wilson.

He continued: “When I received a letter from the council I was shocked. I didn’t realise that it’s illegal to give your waste to someone without checking they are properly licensed. Because of what this man has done I’ve received an official warning. I thought that paying this person would make my life easier but it’s turned into a nightmare.”

The council has been working closely with Mr Wilson to identify the person responsible. Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill said: “People don’t realise that if they give their waste to someone without checking their licence and it is flytipped, they are responsible and can face penalties. We’re grateful to Stewart for helping us raise awareness and we will do everything we can to catch the culprit.”

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