Where’s the bandstand going?

The historic Cassiobury Bandstand is being taken for a revamp before being returned to its home in the park.

Published: Thursday, 10th March 2016

Due to open in September in its original 1920s location, the bandstand will have a new colour scheme using the colours from the Capel family coat of arms.

Work to remove the bandstand from its current location started this week. It is being taken to the Lost Art workshop, a conservation and restoration metalwork specialist where it will receive a new soundboard, a restored roof and a lick of paint.

The Hill & Smith bandstand was originally opened on 20 September 1912 by the Artizan Staff Band.

It was very popular and at its peak first class military bands performed to crowds of more than than 1,500 people. However, by the 1970s the bandstand was in a sad state and relocated to the civic square next to Watford Central Library.

Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill said: “The Cassiobury Park restoration project is underway and the bandstand is a fantastic bit of the park’s history that we have the pleasure of not only returning, but revamping and using.”

Similar bandstands can be seen in Bedwellty Park in Tredegar and Victoria Park in Barry South Wales.

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