New £4,500 ramps imported from the States for Watford skateboarders to use for free

Skateboarding in Watford just got even better because Watford Borough Council has imported £4,500 worth of specialist equipment from the USA that people can now use for free.

Published: Wednesday, 27th January 2016

The ramps are for Watford’s free Skates and Ladders sessions in Watford YMCA from 7.30pm to 9pm on Fridays, which regularly attract dozens of skateboarders. The ramps were brought in as part of the council’s Watford Get Active programme of free and low-cost sports and fitness sessions for people of all ages and fitness abilities. Watford Get Active – now in its second year – successfully won £236,000 of funding from Sport England to put into three years of activities in Watford’s Central ward.

Skates and Ladders managing director Josh Ward-Brickett said: “It’s absolutely fantastic. I actually haven’t seen equipment of this quality in a fold-up skate park for a long time, so it’s brilliant to get the funding for this stuff. Everyone here absolutely loves it, and it’s proved a real winner with people and teenagers who can’t afford to go to an indoor skate park for £8 a time. This is providing a really good hang-out for young people, and it’s a really good use of funding.”

Robert Csiszar was at last Friday’s Skates and Ladders session with his son Dominic, aged five, and daughter Graziella, who turns nine this Friday. Robert said: “The surface is nice and flat here and they don’t bump into any shoppers or anyone else. It’s all skaters, so they won’t get in each other’s way. They love it – even my daughter; when she falls over, she’s not making a big deal out of it. She can see other people falling over. She can also see other people with their skills – and she’s picking up on that, and she’s enjoying it. My son’s enjoying it, and it’s a great skill to learn as well.”

Elected Mayor of Watford Dorothy Thornhill said: “We’re doing our bit to make sure that everyone in Watford can get active – no matter their age or background. These sessions in Central Watford are a fantastic way to keep fit, have fun and make new friends in a safe environment. Skateboarding is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all the family, not just teenagers! If you've ever wanted to give skateboarding or another sport a try, you should take a look at the Watford Get Active programme.”

There are a whole host of free and low-cost activities on offer as part of the Watford Get Active programme, including netball and walking football. Just pick one you like and pop along for a session.

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