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Report a smoke concern or breach online


If you work on a business’s premises (i.e. you don't work in someone else's home) you have the right to work in a smoke free environment. Your employer has a duty to take reasonable steps to prevent smoking in your place of work (this includes pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants, shops, and offices).

If you are a smoker your employer may provide a smoking shelter where you can smoke. However, they do not have an obligation to do so.


You must not smoke in any smoke free area of a business premises. If you do you may be issued with a fine, or prosecuted.

Some businesses may provide a smoking shelter for their customers, but no business is under any obligation to do so.

Report a Breach or a Concern

If you're aware of people smoking in a premises where they shouldn’t by law, or a business that isn't taking all reasonable steps to prevent smoking on their premises, you can report this to us via our online form.

If someone smoking is causing you a nuisance (e.g. a neighbour smokes and the smell is entering your property, or a business has set up a smoking shelter directly under your balcony, etc.), please take a look at our nuisance information available.

In either case, we will contact you within three working days of receiving your report.

Further Information

Information about how smoke free regulations may affect you as an individual can be found on the website of Smokefree England.

Smoking health advice can be found via the NHS.

Further advice on “stop smoking” services can be found on Hertfordshire County Council’s website.

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