The Mayor and his Cabinet

The Mayor and the Cabinet

The Mayor can appoint between 2 and 9 councillors to the Cabinet, also known as the Executive.  The Mayor informs Council of the composition of the Cabinet at the Annual Council meeting usually held in May.  The members of Cabinet can also be known as Portfolio Holders and each one has their own area of responsibility.  He can also appoint councillors to the Cabinet who do not have a specific portfolio.

The Cabinet members for 2019/2020 are - 

The Mayor, Peter Taylor, Portfolio Holder for strategic partnerships

Councillor Karen Collett, Deputy Mayor and Portfolio Holder for Community

Councillor Stephen Johnson, Portfolio Holder for Property and Housing

Councillor Iain Sharpe, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Development

Councillor Mark Watkin, Portfolio Holder for Resources and Customer Service

Councillor Tim Williams, Portfolio Holder for Client Services

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