Housing immigration inspections

This service is designed to assist with immigration applications where applicants need to prove that there is suitable housing available.

To request a visit, complete the application form and return it to the Town Hall or email it to the Environmental Health team.

There is a charge for providing this service. You can pay by credit or debit card at the Town Hall or over the phone: 01923 226400.

If you pay by cheque then it will have to clear before the inspection will be booked.


An inspection will be carried out within 10 working days of receiving your form and payment.

If you need an urgent inspection, this will be carried out within three working days.

What you can expect from us

We will arrange to visit the property and will need to look around the whole property during the inspection. If we are not able to access the whole property then we will not be able to give a detailed report on the inspection.

Once the inspection is finished, we will supply you with a letter confirming whether the housing is suitable. This is for you to submit with your application for entry.


  • An inspection costs £162
  • An urgent inspection costs £263

If you are not happy with the outcome of the inspection, you should speak to the officer who carried out your inspection.

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