Walking and Cycling Schemes

The local schemes in Watford

People walking through the town

Local cycling and walking infrastructure plans are a new approach to identifying cycling and walking improvements required at a local level. Five key cycle routes and seven core walking routes have been identified as the ones most likely to attract more people to walk and cycle in Watford.

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The following plans will show the prioritised walking and cycle routes and car zones for development and investment in Watford.

We have liasied with local cycling groups and council members to determine the concepts for improvements for walking and cycling on the key routes.

Green Loop Improvements

Watford Borough Council, partnering with Hertfordshire County Council and Virtual Reality (VR) company Digital Urban, have created a groundbreaking VR and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) walkthrough initiative for the Green Loop improvements.

These enhancements, part of the council's commitment to sustainable transportation, will gradually transform the town's connectivity for cyclists and pedestrians. The Green Loop will link key locations like Watford Junction, Cassiobury Park, East Watford, and National Cycle Route 6, connecting schools, workplaces, shopping areas, leisure spots, and railway stations. Read the Green Ring leaflet.

These upgrades include new cycleways, path widening, resurfacing, improved intersections for cyclists, and road markings with cycle signage.

Videos on proposed Green Loop Improvements

You can find out more about the proposals and consultations events in the videos below. To get involved, including potential events with the virtual reality (VR) equipment, please email our sustainability team.

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